HAWP season 2 starts Thursday
DVD is still in progress for season 1.

Ashley Davis, who did the animations for the Metal Gear Solid fairy tale, gets her own show on Gametrailers starting Friday; first ep is going to be Bioshock.

This week's Cookie Star Love was amazing, as Anthony recounted one of the most sad/moving moments of his life, and it was utterly hilarious. Also, furries and inflation fetish and murder.

That is all.

This happened.
Hey Ash, Whatcha Podcastin'?

Aren't you glad I pretty much live on Destructoid now? BTW, fans of Anthony should seriously check out his Rev Rants and the Podtoid podcast.

Teen Titans | Blazing like rebel diamond
See that icon, next to my username? I made that :D

I'll take the next 5 requests for icons of any HAWP episode, and I'll include captions as a bonus if you so wish! The only thing I can't do is make gifs or any other kind of animated icon (I tried once, it did not come out well.)

And hey, if the icon I made you sucks, tell me after I make it, and I'll try again! :D


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